5-0 To Australia?

From: Ian Canaway

“Will the Aussies Take The Ashes Series 5-0?”

That’s the prediction that a number of Aussie players have come out and said over the last few days. See, http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/england/6202571.stm

It’s no surprise to be honest, they have the series in the bag so they can say what they want. But in the last Ashes series (when England won), they said the same thing after winning the first match, which came back to bite them! Anyway, I’m getting carried away with memories past…

“Warne and McGrath are to Retire”

Yes that’s right the two Australian legends Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath (McGrath will retire after next years World Cup) are to retire! These guys are two of the best players to have ever graced a cricket pitch and will leave a big void in the Aussie side which might give England a fighting chance in the 2009 Ashes Series, anyway…
How do you think that this announcement will affect the team for the remaining two Tests? Will their impending retirements distract the players or will it it bring the team closer together to achieve the goal of white washing England?

With the Australians playing the way they have been in this series (and all year), it wouldn’t surprise me to see them ripping England apart and giving McGrath and Warne the great send off these two magnificent cricketers deserve for their final Ashes series. They’ve done the game proud over the years, inspiring and entertaining many people along the way.

Remember to post your comments below or in the forum, there’s already a ‘tribute’ been made to Warne here…Oh and if you missed the eChrismas Card I sent out…

Happy Christmas!

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