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  1. Mohamed Sarfaraz says:

    Really useful tips…great assistance with my batting and yes I agree this is by far the best online guide.

  2. anish says:

    please help me more with tips….. thank u and everything is nice…

  3. Naveed says:

    Yeah these are very useful tips, and have very much improved and am improving day by day in the game.
    Thanks 4 all the Tips

  4. Moin Shaikh says:

    Awesome site….it has helped me learn various aspects of not only cricket but also about warm ups and fitness. My suggestion is along with tips if there is a video to support, it would help further.

  5. ashish says:

    thanx sir
    your tips are great, i had improved a lot,get less injured & play better cricket

  6. DHRUV says:

    Hi Ian,
    first of all I would really like to appreciate all tte hard work that you have been doing.
    Your tips are very effective.

  7. Christiaan says:

    Hi Ian

    I have found this tips very usefull and I have improved in my game. I am very gratefull for the tips you gave me.

    Kind regards

  8. nishchal prasai says:

    Its really amazing and helpful

  9. Abhilash says:

    Its been a gr8 help of your tips sir… Thank you… I need more of tips regarding reverse swing bowling techniques…

  10. Nikhil kashyap says:

    It’s been nice to get tips from you and i improved also.So,thanks for your tips but can you give more tips on how to play swing?

  11. Rishabh dhaka says:

    Hello sir,
    first of all i like to thank for ur tip’s. Yes,ur tip’s was vry effective.but sir can u give more tips on batting and bowling,becouse batting and bowling are the most imp.part of game,no,need to give tip’s on starting/basic point,..just give main tip’s ,becouse most of your follower are want to know,main and importent tip’s,not the basic’s…so,Hope u get my point…and thanks once again.

  12. Your newsletters are awesome and very useful.its really usefull for building the basics and main points of cricket.

  13. Prasanna says:

    It’s very very nice,
    And for the advices I really improved but if the batting tips will be sent more and more i will be very helpful
    and a speacial thanks to IAN CANAWAY for that!!

  14. Jack says:

    Really Great!!!
    Thanks Ian

  15. kamlesh dakhane says:

    Sir, ur tips are really a grt help for me & my game….thank u vry much…..

  16. Bertie Barrett says:

    Fantastic, the best online comments.

  17. Hariharan says:

    This is very useful for me. I am improving my skills everyday

  18. Vinay says:

    Thank you for such wonderful tips these are helping me lot in improving my batting and I want to know more and about wicketkeeping aslo

  19. botham says:

    sir thanx 4 givin me ur ideas and i can successfully play in all matches

  20. tilki says:

    it is very useful. I want to know more about offspin ,fielding

  21. Voldi snijder says:

    Very useful particularly for schoolboys. Could you do some tips on the mental side of the game for batsmen, bowlers, fields men and wicketkeepers.

  22. Sam Pritchard says:

    great batting tips, I don’t do a lot of bowling but that’s getting better too.

  23. Amit Patel says:

    Really great articles. The tips provided here are quite unique and well detailed. I have been sharing some of the tips with my club team as well and see improvement in other’s performance also. Thank you. Please keep up the good work.

  24. Moses says:

    Hi Ian,thanks so much for your guidance.I hope to be an all rounder though I still have batting problems..

  25. Manish says:


    I am really enjoying your valueable tips & Instruction which i have been receiving last three month. I would like to request kindly add few videos for more efectively learning because instruction is fine but we are unable to execute those without visual. SO please share few videos of your tips. For example front drills & straight drives.

    Thanks & Regards
    Manish Ganchle

  26. Dorji says:

    Dear Ian Sir,

    So grateful for your tips, doing a great job, and much appreciated. Keep up the good spirit going!!

    Kind regards

  27. prakhar says:

    the tips were really useful!! watching the ball really helped me improve my bating!

  28. kishan says:

    hi sir
    you are doing very imp job cz with ur tips i am now play for my team without selection thanks for supporting me

  29. Aryan says:

    Well the newsletter is going great but would love some new articles.


  30. Ankit says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am Really thankful to you for your amazing tips about bowling.
    I always Fascinated myself as a Masterclass bowler and Hero of my team but the reality was totally Different 😀 . But Since I am Following Your Bowling Tips I can feel Now Like I can Live That Dream.
    Your Each and every tip is Just Awesome.
    and I am Glad That I found you On the Internet
    Thanks a Lot Sir
    And Lot Of Respect

  31. Arnav says:

    Really, i love the strategy and your methods of explanation. I have improved my batting really well.

  32. Sawan Patel says:

    I have been loving the tips I have got so far. I really feel some improvements in myself after applying those tips provided by you.
    Thank you.

  33. salim UA says:

    Hi Ian
    I read your every articles, I am a BCCI A level coach in India
    Your articles are superb and very useful. I need something additional , I think you can help me

  34. Andy says:

    This has proved really useful to me when helping out at training locally and my son loves to get them.
    Thanks very much

  35. MOHIT RAWAT says:

    Hi sir Ian
    I have found your tips very useful and effective in the field. Through these tips i increased the level of my game .

    Thanx you

  36. Andy Manoussos says:

    Helpful thank you. I bowl leg spin so would be nice to get some tips for that. I also open the batting to see off the new ball but I don’t score at a quick enough strike rate, maybe some advice on how to improve there also would be great. Appreciate your tips, cheers

  37. Aniket says:

    Your tips are really working for me sir

  38. Abhishek Kumar says:

    These tips are very vry useful…gud work by u…keep going….

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