6 Simple, Fool-Proof Cricket Batting Tips

From: Ian Canaway

There are hundreds of different cricket batting tips in the game of cricket which can all potentially improve your batting and run scoring ability. Here is a selection of cricket batting tips that I’ve found useful to help improve your batting.

  • 1st Batting Tip – Keep your eyes level, it’s been shown that having your eyes level helps speed up your reaction time, as it makes it easier for the brain to process the incoming information.
  • 2nd Batting Tip – Your first movement should be from the shoulders towards the line of the ball. The rest of your body will follow naturally and will help ensure you get correctly inline with the ball.
  • 3rd Batting Tip – Play the delivery based on its length, if it’s short; even if it’s in line with the wickets it should be ‘tonked away’ (Andy Flintoff style) to the boundary. The same principle applies with full deliveries and half volleys.
  • 4th Batting Tip – One of the most important things is to watch the ball from bowlers hand in run up all the way to the bat. By watching the ball in the bowler’s hand you can see what the bowler may be trying to do with the ball. Try to identify which is the shiny side or rough side, so you can determine which way they may be trying to swing the ball. The same applies with spinners; but also make sure you closely watch the wrist movement to determine the type and direction of spin.
  • 5th Batting Tip – When batting against spinners, try doing an initial ‘forward press’, making an initial half-step on to the front foot as the bowler bowls. This will give you good base to play from and help give you quicker feet.
  • 6th Batting Tip – It is essential to maintain a solid base when batting and to be in a solid position when you play the ball. If you watch for example Brain Lara play a cover drive, he has a solid base from which he plays the stroke, he is perfectly balanced.
All the best,

Ian Canaway

P.S. Now go play some cricket!

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  1. Rohit John says:

    I need some tips on scoring quick runs, and playin onside shots because I mostly miss those deliveries, also I need some tips on facing quick deliveries (full and short length). Could you please help me out?

  2. RANJEET SINGH says:

    Sir, I wanna know the technique to play good length delivries shaping outside & inside the body. And I have got one more problem that when bowler delivers the ball I can’t decide which shot to play and which not to.

  3. Grimboy619 says:

    How to score runs with pullshot for right hand batsman

  4. Sajith says:

    Can i get fast bowling swinging tips

  5. Shaun says:

    sir,i need 2 know how 2 spin bowl

  6. Ian says:

    @Shaun, if you use the website search feature you should fine some good tips on spin bowling.



  7. Manvendra says:

    Resp’d Sir,
    i wanna represent my club… the only problem i faces is with the bounce of the ball. when its full, its always go out of fences but when bounce is odd i often find it difficult to play. can you please suggest what to do ??

    thank You !

  8. Rohit Gopalan says:

    Ah, My question from a previous page has been answered right here. Thanks Ian.

  9. sai srinivas says:

    I want to know how to bowl a leg spin and off spin efficiently.
    I also want to know some more tips in batting.

  10. Durga says:

    Please can you tell me how to pull the ball exactly (batsmen position)?

  11. Ian says:

    Hi Sai,

    If you use the search feature you should find some good tips on spin bowling and more on batting – these are all covered as well in my ebook Cricket Secrets Revealed. For advanced spin bowling training though I recommend you read Spin Bowling Tips; it covers all the different variants of spin bowling you could ever want to learn about and master.



  12. Ian says:

    Hi Durga,

    If you read my article on the Pull Shot – see Can You Play the Pull Shot? – you’ll learn the basics. Cricket Secrets Revealed and Cricket Batsman Tips both show you in step by step detail illustrated with pictures.



  13. Mir Naveen says:

    Sir,I seem to have a problem with timing shots on deliveries that are fast and outside the line of off-stump. Can you please help me ?

  14. Ashish says:

    Thanks for giving me 1st six batting tips now i can try this today

  15. Robin says:

    Would you give me tips to hit shots straight so that I can get more there (Boundary or sixes).

  16. SURJ says:

    I want to know which ball to leave,which ball to defend and which ball to attack.And i also want to know how to make my shot more powerful.

  17. Nicholas says:

    Hi Ian,
    Thanks for the 6 batting tips, I’ll surely try them out during my training session with my team mates.


  18. bahar ali says:

    I love this website as it is enhancing my batting abilities

  19. Khasif says:

    all the six batting tips were really inspiring
    thanx for these tips and i hope i can play well keeping these tips in mind

  20. Brock is just saying says:

    These are very good tips i scored 25 runs better on Saturday my team won that day

  21. sumanth says:

    thanks a lot sir.i’ve learnt a lot from this.i am very happy for i have joined cricket secrets.

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