Do you wear something that brings you luck?

From: Ian Canaway

I was just reading today that 25% of cricketers wear something that they believe will bring them luck when playing. (Source: Guinness – sponsors of the Guinness Premiership)

I know from experience that many people have different things that they believe will bring them luck, for example on person I know has to put on the left boot before the right (and the left pad, left glove etc), someone else always taps the bat 3 times before the bowler bowls.

Do you wear anything that you think brings you luck? Or do you have any routines that you go through before you play?

I personally don’t, I’m not in the least bit superstitious but I know many of you are so spill the beans 🙂

All the best,

Ian Canaway

P.S. Now go play some cricket!

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  1. I personally don’t have a superstition, but many players find it more than a silly trick. In the sport psychology world it’s called “anchoring” which in English means having a trick to calm yourself down and relax in stressful situations.

    So if you have a superstition that works, keep it!

  2. Bradley Marshall says:

    i think if you have something that works then you should use it.. i wear a beaded necklace when i bat and a sweatband when i bowl… dont ask me why but it helps me focus because it lifts my confidence. physcology in sport is very important, we know this because moree times than none you will score more runs going out knowing that you will. and how much better do you bowl when bowling against a ‘rival’?

  3. Virendersingh Berthwal says:

    Personally i don’t belive in it.
    But for my comfort and to feel better. I use my black wrist band always.
    While bowling on my right hand- I am a Left hand Medium and Spinner as well. During batting i wear it on my left hand- I am a right hand batsmen.
    It does make me feel better and so i make it a point to wear it while playing in nets or match.

  4. ian.canaway says:

    Thanks guys, great feedback on this so far, so lets hear some more of your stories/superstitions….

  5. junaid alvi says:

    i desparetely belive in it i always wear my ring and a necklace for bowling and always wear my hat while batting

  6. hamza says:

    sir when ever i have ring and rebion in my right hand my cricket match goes great nd sir thanx 4 giving us a great tpis

  7. Ricky says:

    I always wear a wristband on my left forearm when batting and bowling and always have a photo of my girlfriend in my bag. Ever since I started doing this i’ve been timing the ball well and scoring runs.

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