Spin Bowling Tips – Video

From: Ian Canaway

Hey Cricketers,

If you are budding spin or slow bowler these videos will really help you…They cover both leg spin and off spin, as well as all the essentials from how to hold the ball, how to bowl variations such as the top spinner and the googly.

Spin Bowling Tips Video:

Don’t forget to leave your comments below…if you have any questions feel free to ask below.

All the best,

Ian Canaway

P.S. Now go play some cricket!

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  1. Mahbub Ali says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am from Bangladesh,I am really impreshed about your web sit.this site really does help me in my cricket coaching also enhance my cricketing knowledge.
    I am always looking for your co operation.
    Sir how do l got the book- The Bob Woolmer Way.
    Please I am looking forward.
    Mahbub Ali

  2. ian.canaway says:

    Thanks for the commets 🙂 I’m glad you like the site.

    You should be able to get Bob Wolmers book from any good book shop, alternatively you could get it from Amazon (see the link on recommended reading).

    Best wishes,


  3. Stephen Audsley says:

    These videos have really helped me and i’m looking forward to see how well i improve.
    I’m from a part of England that doesn’t really know how to spin so this is a God send. Thank You.

  4. kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am from Bangladesh,I am really impreshed about your web sit

  5. harman pal singh says:

    Hiii i am from India these videos impressed me. i am really thank to u for this.

  6. Awais Raza says:

    I really like your tricks. Can you please share some on leg spin? Anyway can I myself publish some videos here?

  7. Ian says:

    Hi Awais,

    Thanks for your comments I’m glad you like the tips. If you use the search box you can find more or just use this link: spin bowling tips.

  8. aravindh says:

    Sir.i m aravindh. I am living in india. Sir i have a major problem that where to release the ball. It’s been always deflecting from me. I m a spin bowler(off spinner). Please help me out sir.

  9. sumit gomes says:

    Hi lan,

    I am from Bangladesh. this videos are truly awesome especially the spin bowling tip, but still can to post a video of how to do a doosra.


  10. Ian says:

    Hi Sumit,

    I don’t have a video on the doosra – however it is covered in details within the Spin Bowling Tips book. It’s definitely worth a read if you want to progress your spin bowling.



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