Is there too much focus on technique in cricket?

From: Ian Canaway

Is there too much focus on technique in cricket and not enough on strength of mind and focus?

Gradually more and more coaches are beginning to identify that strength of mind; concentration and the ability to focus and perform under pressure are skills and abilities which are too often neglected in routine cricket training.

With more and more research being done by sports scientists on the areas such as the psychology of sportsmen, concentration and performance, this aspect of the game has grown in significance. As the research has often demonstrated the profound effects that psychological training such as visualisation has on athletes performances.

You only need to visit a few websites to find the latest information and research being carried out, as much of it is published online. But how often is any of this ever implemented in training sessions, or highlighted by your coach? Probably very little if ever…why? It is because a lot of the coaches training literature don’t cover the benefits visualisation or mental training…so if they can’t teach you who will?

Here are some resources for you to read in more detail about the topic:

Over the last few years you may have noticed that quite a few players are beginning to come through the cricketing ranks with imperfect technique, but who are so focused and mentally tough that they hold their own. It is in the high pressure, intense matches where those who have the brains; mental toughness and desire come out on top and take the victory.

On a side not- don’t forget you are an individual and everyone responds differently to certain coaching techniques, make sure your coach recognises this, as one method might work for your team mates but not for you. Keep trying, keep practicing and don’t forget the psychological aspect of your cricket.

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Ian Canaway

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  1. eddie joyner says:

    hi ian i belive this in a big way iam a level 2 coach in thailand but i have a problem getting it across i try too get them too switch off between balls i enjoy your tips you never stop learning

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