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From: Ian Canaway

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Hi all,

Ian Canaway here. What are you thoughts on the following…Why do most batsman never quite reach their full potential?

Is it lack of skill, training, commitment? Let me know your thoughts using the comment form at the bottom of the page…

Then go play some cricket!!

All the best,

Ian Canaway

P.S. Now go play some cricket!

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  1. Ian says:

    I’ll kick things off first….

    What holds most batsman back?

    Not doing the simple things – mastering the basics. Instead getting caught up trying to play extravagant shots.


    If you get the basics right and stick to them you can find consistency in your game. If you’re always trying to bounce the ball of the club house roof every shot – you’ll get out – lose confidence and not reach your potential.


  2. Jay says:

    I dont know whether this is relevant to the question. I am a batsman myself and I have played quite well from junior levels.

    But then there was a gap owing to jobs and life 🙂 . Later on when i started playing, I always have a mental block. i still have that, and even though I work quite hard in nets and is playing well in nets, I still find problem scoring in matches. This is making my confidence even lower.

    So from my experience, I will say that, mental strength is the foremost thing needed for fulfilling your potential. Ofcourse basics and other things are important, but if you check the list of players who have stood out from the list of good players and went on to become great players, they were known for their mental strength or we call it fighting spirit.

  3. prashant says:

    i agree with Ian…

  4. Ian says:

    Very valid points Jay; things all batsman struggle with (especially those who encounter ‘life’ ;-). The mental side of cricket is an important one and I’ve discussed it quite a lot see – Cricket Mental Training Articles…there are some good tips there to help you get your self belief back up – but there’s quite a bit more to it…

  5. peter jackson says:

    With the emergence of 20/20 and one day cricket too many fancy shots have crept into the game and players are trying to imitate their heroes to the detriment of their basic game. Players need to remember to stand still when batting until the ball is bowled.

  6. Jaco says:

    Potential has a lot to do with Opportunity.
    My 11 year old has the potential to become a National player “one day” but at this stage the opportunity to play for his own school is not there. The usual players get selected all the time and although he is putting a lot of effort and is performing well at practices others are still selected.
    Why it is strange to me is that my son is playing Club cricket over weekends and he really performs well (Bowling figures of 3 wickets for 2 runs in 2 overs) last match.
    Thanks to club cricket as now he can get match practice to help him to get better.
    I would also like to support Jay on the “mental strength” issue, as there are a lot of talented players that cannot handle pressure on the field, resulting in poor shots being played or a lot of wides bowled.

  7. gilly says:

    I am generally very focused when i go out to bat.
    My problem is, i try to go for a long inning and play safe.
    due to that i have lost my wickets missing out putting full tosses and short balls away. As i don’t go hard at it.
    i dont want to counter that with all out agression as that would also make me play false shots and ultimately loose my wicket.
    how do i strike a balance or what should i keep an eye on to trigger agressive reaction to the deliveries?

  8. Dude Josh says:

    I say to reach your potential, pratice is the most important way to do that. Because practice makes………………Perfect!!!!

  9. Lachlan says:

    I think that kids are trying to look like their favourite player and not play there way.
    I also think that kids get to much pressure with how many runs there chasing they get all streesed and then they play a bad shot and get out

  10. Suhel says:

    What happens with me is, just because i’m an allrounder, when i play with my seniors, they take into consideration only my pace attack & so i get to bat at around 8th or 9th when the match is almost over. I don’t get enough time to settle down there and there is lot of pressure in that position if we’re chasing a total. I have all the skill to bat at the top order, but just need a chance to prove it. When I play with my classmates or friends of the same age, i’m usually a top order batsman. But its just the opposite when I play with my seniors. I think team management & the captain has a huge role here.

  11. Manj says:

    I think often people don’t use both there eyes, and stand in a stance where the head points to mid off instead of directly straight. Also people do not play themselves in enough, you can get 10 singles and then hit 3 4s and you are on your way. At the end of the day all you need to do is keep your eyes on the ball all the way and you will find that your head position is maintained and you cut out poor shots.

  12. Pralin says:

    hi .. i am playing cricket for a long time now and got a quite good technical knowledge about batting but when i am batting in practical i could not play the shots good. my freinds say i’m showing a perfect style but my problem is i can not hit the shots hard. especially against spinners power of my shots are very weak. is it bcoz of lack of footwork or do i have to be physcially more strong and need to put more weight on my shots ?? plz help me with some advices ..

  13. peter Bryceson says:

    We “forget” what it means to create an Innings. We tend to always remember the last time we hit a good cover drive that resulted in a 4 or the big 6 we hit. Batsman who don’t reach there potential are those that try to hit a 4 or 6 everyball they “forget” that game is about running 1 and 2 and sharing the strike with the other batsman, generally big scores are made when two batsman support each other. Easy to say but hard to do as we become selfish and forget it is a team sport

  14. GOKUL says:

    how can we reach to our full potential is there anything we can do other than practising?

  15. abhishek says:

    How can I can bat better?which type of practice i Shoud do?

  16. happy says:

    Hi,, Guys i played a lot of cricket and got good appreciation fm my team mates n even the audience while playing with a tenis ball but now i am planning to play for a club with lether ball, so plz guys suggest me n even m bit worried.

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