Cricket Batsman Tips

From: Ian Canaway

Learn How to be a Successful Batsman

Cricket Batsman Tips

Introducing ‘Cricket Batsman Tips’ – a specialist guide to help you reach your potential as a batsman in cricket. This is the most thorough guide of its kind – 30,000 words, 250 colour photos – it leaves no stone unturned.

It aims to help you overcome the common stumbling blocks which almost all batsman face at some point in their careers, such as:

  • Lulls in confidence and self belief – there’s nothing worse for your batting than low confidence levels – Cricket Batsman Tips shows you how to be mentally tough and break out of any rut.
  • Mistakes in technique (which you’re usually unaware of) and knowing which shots to play (and when) – in this eBook you’ll learn exactly how to play each and every shot – and most importantly when to play them.

If you want more successful days at the crease when you see the ball well and pierce the off-side with pinpoint cover drives, clip the ball elegantly through the leg-side or brutally take on the spinner with slog-sweeps into row 14 – Cricket Batsman Tips is a must read.

It is available as an instant download (PDF format) to read right now.


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P.S. Now go play some cricket!

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  1. harsh says:

    How do I become a successful batsman and fielder?

  2. Ian says:

    Hi Harsh,

    Thanks for your question. We’ve had a good discussion about this recently – see Batting Tips – How to Reach Your Potential . Educating yourself on the best techniques, learning effective training drills, practicing perfectly and working with a top coach will put you ahead of most of your rivals. Reading and putting into practice the advice within Cricket Batsman Tips is a effective way to shorten your learning curve and get a swift advantage.



  3. mani tendulkar says:

    I want to be a successful cricketer, my ambition is be a cricketer, I want perfect practicing I want to improve my batting and bowling skills but I want a perfect coach. I want to be a cricketer.

  4. Arfat says:

    hi Ian
    i plays very perfectly in the net but when i plays in the match i cant play like i plays in the net.
    please teach me how to play in the match?

  5. samart jha says:

    I m wicket keeper batsman and I want to increase my skills up to professional level , so how can increase my skills yet I have no coach

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