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Here’s How To Play The Pull Shot Properly…

As you begin to learn how to play cricket one of the core shots you should aim to master is the “pull shot”. This is a very effective attacking shot and when played correctly can produce spectacular result.

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The Most Important Shot You’ll EVER Learn…

When you first start to learn how to play cricket one of the first shots you will learn is the forward defence, it’s a fundamental shot which is the foundation of your batting and should be mastered to help reach you potential, as you can’t score runs when you are out and sat in the pavilion. Read More→

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The Latest Scientific Studies and Research Findings

Without a doubt, the most common questions I’m asked is; “What’s your view on the latest scientific studies and research findings in regards to stretching?”
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Many people dismiss the cool down as a waste of time, or simply unimportant. In reality the cool down is just as important as the warm up, and if you want to stay injury free, it’s vital. Read More→

Recently I was asked, “is ‘foot work’ really that important?” Read More→

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You Must Stretch, Here’s Why!

This short article looks at some of the tips, tricks and helpful hints you can use to help prevent sports injury. It’s been put together to answer some of the more common questions we get regarding stretching and sports injury, and details a number of useful sports injury prevention techniques. I hope it proves useful to you. Read More→

A Guide To Cutting Your Recovery Time By Days, If Not Weeks!

I get a lot of questions from people asking about specific treatments for sports injuries, like running injuries and other common pulled muscle complaints. The unfortunate thing about most of these requests is that the injury occurred some time ago. This time lapse between the injury occurring, and treatment sort, is the biggest stumbling block to a full and complete recovery. Read More→

As a batsman and cricketer you primary aim is to score as many runs as possible to help your team set a high target for the opposition, or in order to beat the score which the opposition has set for you. Read More→

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Here’s How To Avoid It…

Not Giving Your Body The Rest It Needs May Lead To A Sports Injury Disaster!

This month we’re going to have a look at the difference between being just a little tired or on a down-cycle, and being legitimately run down or over tired. It’s important to be able to tell the difference if you want to stay injury free. Nothing will put a stop to your fitness goals more quickly than not being able to recognise when you’re legitimately run down and over tired. Read More→

The back foot drive is an attacking shot which is played to a ball which has pitched short of a good length and which will probably bounce around stump high. You should try to hit the ball between mid on and cover and along the ground. Read More→

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