Cheap Cricket Bats On eBay?

From: Ian Canaway

Have you brought a cricket bat from eBay? Post your thoughts below and let us know if you’ve had any good or bad experiences…

Some tips if you do decide to buy a bat from eBay:

  • View the sellers profile and look at their feedback rating to
    see how other people have felt about their transactions.
  • Contact the seller before you place a bid to see how they deal
    with customers and ask any questions you have before you commit
  • Look to see if the seller offers a guarantee or return policy
    and find out what it is and the procedures involved.
  • Don’t get drawn into a bidding war with other eBayers, set a
    maximum budget and stick to it, there are new listings everyday
    so don’t worry if you miss out on one occasion…

Here’s some links to a selection of woodworm cricket bats, kookaburra cricket bats and cheap cricket bats available right now on eBay…

All the best,

Ian Canaway

P.S. Now go play some cricket!

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