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  1. Vatican team plays a cricket match with prisoners in Argentina [photos]

The Vatican team, St. Peter’s Cricket Club, played a friendly game with the Lions of Judah team, from unit 46 of the San Martín prison, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. St. Peter’s Cricket Club was invited to the country by Cricket Sin Frontiers, a program created in 2009 at Villa 21-24 in Barracks, Buenos Aires, dedicated to the inclusion and sports training and values of about 1,500 children and young people in vulnerable conditions.

Thus, for the first time in Latin America the Vatican team, composed of two priests, a coach and twelve seminarians from Sri Lanka, India, England, and Canada, played with the amateur side of the Argentine penal on December 27.

While the score favored the Rome team by 166 runs against 94, the result is comparable to other professional groups and encourages locals to continue on the court. Walter Mansilla, professor of sports activities at San Martín prison, told The Orbe 21 channel that playing with the Vatican team filled the participants with pride and motivated them. “This opens us to bigger things, ” he said.

Meanwhile, the manager of St. Peter’s Cricket, P. Eamonn O’Higgins, said it was much more than a game, as “it transmits what one is, what one believes, how one wants to treat the other, to the other is a bigger context than the party itself. It is not just a professional game; here, you can win much more than a victory.”

  1. Vatican sports team travels to England to promote interreligious dialogue

The Vatican cricket team leaves for England for a twelve-day tour entitled “Light of faith,” with which it seeks to promote Interreligious Dialogue in the European country.

The team will begin their tour in the north of England playing against the prestigious squad of Stony Hurst College, founded by the Jesuits in the late 16th century.

On July 6, The Vatican team will go to London where they will join the side of the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury to play against an interfaith representation composed of Muslim players, Buddhists, Jews, and Sikhs.

They will also face several government teams as one composed of members of the English Parliament.

According to the Press Office of the Holy See, on July 8, they will visit a correctional facility where they will celebrate Mass and play a meeting. In London, they will also go to a mosque, a Hindu temple and a Jewish synagogue “to strengthen interreligious relations and to underline the importance of faith in contemporary society.”

The Vatican team is officially named Saint Peter’s Cricket Club. It was founded in 2013 and is composed of seminarians studying in Rome. It operates under the auspices of the Pontifical Council for Culture and aims to promote ecumenical and interreligious dialogue through cricket.

  1. The English cricket team ‘rehearses’ la Chilean de Bale

Players Jos Butler and Alastair Cook tried to replicate the goal that the Welsh footballer of Real Madrid scored in the Champions final against Liverpool.


Bale’s Chilean in the Champions League final against Liverpool amazed the world, beyond football. In fact, in the concentration of the English cricket team, he has had several imitators, although with less success than the Welsh of Real Madrid.

While the team was preparing the second game against Pakistan, Jos Butler and Alastair Cook attempted to replicate Bale’s goal, testing his acrobatic talents. Fortunately, there were no injuries. The team that captain Joe Root expects Bale’s’ spirit ‘ to give them a little more style and class in their game.

To shack spoke yesterday about the difficulty of the Chilean and the pinch of fortune that it takes for the ball to end up inside the goal. “A hundred times he tried, he scored one and luckily for Madrid that happened the other day. It was a Play Station goal, but that usually doesn’t fit the goal,” the Welsh said.

  1. The Indian Cricket League, which best pays its players per game of world sport

According to the report presented by Sporting Intelligence, The Indian Premier League Cricket is the competition that pays the most to its players per match.

The report annual Global Sports Salaries Survey published by consulting firm Sporting Intelligence leaves us. In addition to the dominance of Barcelona and Real Madrid at the time of giving back to their players, holder terms less surprising: The Indian Premier League of cricket is the competition of the sports world that best pays their players for each match played.

Each player in this competition charges € 310,325 on average per game played, as 14 games in the Indian Premier League are played. These figures considerably improve the average salaries of other competitions such as the NFL (its players earn an average of 156,340 euros for each of the 16 regular league games) or the Premier League (88,934 euros for each of the 38 games). Other tournaments such as the NBA (€81,385 would charge each player per game) or the league (€65,452) are still further from the average salary per game of an IPL player.

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