Fast Bowling Tips – Cricket Video

From: Ian Canaway

Hello fellow cricketers,

I’ve found some good cricket coaching videos which I’ve posted on the website under the ‘cricket tips videos’ category. First up is a fast bowling tips master class featuring Damien Fleming, followed by Glenn McGrath. So enjoy!

Oh and don’t forget to post your comments below…

Fast Bowling Tips – Damien Fleming

Fast Bowling Tips – Glenn McGrath

All the best,

Ian Canaway

P.S. Now go play some cricket!

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    Hey , how r u , I am sorry was kinda busy so wasnt able to send u the feed backs . This bowling tips stuff is just awesome
    man , I wanted this stuff for like years .Appreciate what you are doing for cricket man . THANKS

  2. saalim says:

    it should be either austrilia or new zealand

  3. Swarup says:

    i want description of Brett Lee’s bowling action

  4. gautham says:

    i want tips for spin bowling

  5. ian.canaway says:

    Hi gautham,

    I’ll get some spin bowling videos posted soon 🙂

  6. jake says:

    this stuff is awsum i can now swing the ball from way out of leg stup heaps past off stump

  7. jake says:

    and can u get some stuff on here of how to bowl fast

  8. jake says:

    and i think the aussies will win 4 sure

  9. fabian hunte says:

    thanks a lot. these tips have really help me a lot.i have been bowling better snd taking a lot of wickets

  10. kamran says:

    i love these videos but could you tell me how to bowl really fast as my line and length is fine but i cant generate a lot of speed. thanx n i really apreciate wat ur doin great help.

  11. i am a young fast bowler of india. my action is like brett lee. i loved to see these videos and i have saww how to bowl a yorker and bouncer this website is very nice for a young fast bowler and these tips will help him taking wickets in the matches.

  12. arif says:

    i just love ur work but plzzz can u give me tips how to bowl fast plzzzzzzzzz thnak u

  13. manan vohra says:

    please tell me fast bowling tips pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  14. gokul says:

    i need to know the tips of batting and bowling

  15. Atif says:

    I want tips for reverse swing.

  16. imran says:

    which length should we ball really back of length or good length and how do you bowl back of length stuff the thing is that when i go onto ball i either ball full toss or drag it down short the line is always in the corridor of uncertainity but problem is with not being able to find that back of length

  17. Hi,
    I have heard the expression by one of the Cricket Commentaters (English) who is currently here in Australia for Test, One Day matches, about “bowling across the seam” and he was referring to the current great team from England. What is meant by this and what is the grip for this delivery? I have heard of in/out swingers, leg cutters but I was not sure what was meant by this term, and I have a nine year old grandson who plays cricket and like me is very interested.

    many thanks keep up the great work, Robert Barron

  18. I am very glad to this website which teaches me all the techniques about bowling .I is very helpful for younger bowlers like me.I am from Nepal.

  19. Freddy says:

    Great video, very impressive.

    I like the comment about gradually building momentum in your run-up to improve your power through the crease.

  20. joe says:

    I’m in a bit of trouble … a lot of actually i keep on trying different fast bowling actions but lack consistency so much so that at present i use different actions for different balls … Worst of all i also have a weird problem my knees bend backwards due to a hereditary lack of a knee ligament .. which causes all kinds of problems and makes me a slow runner … i train hard but cannot stick to an action pls give me tips to improve my condition …. pls

  21. noshad says:

    hi i am 14 years old and i want learn medium pace bowling…so plz tell me

  22. Ian says:

    Hi Noshad, the quickest way to start is to use the search feature to find the articles and videos on bowling. Read these first and you’ll get the basics.



  23. Hamza khalid says:

    tell me how to fast bowl..) cuz i am fast bowler but my speed is not gud n also tell me how to ball bounce..) my nam3 is hamza i am 14 yearx old

  24. Sumit says:

    Thanks for all the tips lan it really helped me and now i am in international club

  25. […] of the most frequent questions I get asked at are to do with fast bowling. They go something like this:  ‘Ian, how do I bowl fast’, ‘tell me how to bowl at 90mph’. […]

  26. arvind kumar says:

    Glenn mcgrath is very best fast bowler and i love Australia team…they all are best….

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