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So what’s the secret of England’s recent (July/Aug 2011) Test Cricket success?

Jim White of the Telegraph has written an interesting piece today. It explores some of the reasons he sees as being the key contributing factors. You can read it here:

The analysis is insightful, thought provoking and definitely worth a read.  Especially the Alistair Cook ‘sweaty palm’ annecdote.

My favourite quote is from Andy Flowers interview for coach:

“He said he needed to change the culture in the dressing room. England needed to be rid of what he described as “player power plc”, those individuals who saw their place in the national side as a route to financial improvement and whose presence, Flower reckoned, inhibited newcomers.”

Remember, cricket is a team sport!

Also…Make sure you check out the comments at the end of the article. There’s some great discussion. Let me know your thoughts using the form below.

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Ricky Ponting Batting

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Hi all,

Ian Canaway here. What are you thoughts on the following…Why do most batsman never quite reach their full potential?

Is it lack of skill, training, commitment? Let me know your thoughts using the comment form at the bottom of the page…

Then go play some cricket!!

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Is there too much focus on technique in cricket and not enough on strength of mind and focus?

Gradually more and more coaches are beginning to identify that strength of mind; concentration and the ability to focus and perform under pressure are skills and abilities which are too often neglected in routine cricket training. Read More→

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Has anyone else seen the ‘new’ Adidas advert/video with Sachin Tendulkar?

In the video Sachin tells the story of how he was a kid, his coach would put a coin on top of the batsmans stumps, if the bowler got the wicket he would keep the coin. Then at the end his message is that:

“At whatever level you reach, getting better never stops” – nothing is impossible.

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I was just reading today that 25% of cricketers wear something that they believe will bring them luck when playing. (Source: Guinness – sponsors of the Guinness Premiership)

I know from experience that many people have different things that they believe will bring them luck, for example on person I know has to put on the left boot before the right (and the left pad, left glove etc), someone else always taps the bat 3 times before the bowler bowls.
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Is it too late for English Cricket?

England are set for 5-0 white washing by Australia in the 2006/7 Ashes series, to be honest I don’t have much faith in the current squad and selection process.

Let’s be fair if you compare on paper each of England’s players, man-for-man with the Aussies, the English would be beaten hands down every time.

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5-0 To Australia?

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“Will the Aussies Take The Ashes Series 5-0?”

That’s the prediction that a number of Aussie players have come out and said over the last few days. See, Read More→
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The dust has settled following Australia’s magnificent victory over England in The 2006 Ashes series. I decided to wait a few days before posting to see how the reaction of the press and public opinion unfolded. But the bottom line was that… Read More→

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