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Welcome to Cricketsecrets, an ultimate guide for cricket batting tips . Cricket is probably the most popular game in the entire world. all thanks to the colonial rule that has taken the national game of England the game of the world. in third world countries like India, cricket is watched as a religion and the cricketers are worshipped as gods, despite the national game of India being hockey. Colonial countries like India, Australia, and South Africa owned the game as their own and today a child from these countries may give better cricket batting tips than a child in England.

What's New in The World of Cricket

  • The new cricket team for the west indies tour will be selected on July 19, there is no surety of M.S.Dhoni still being in the team
  • New Zealand loses by a boundary countback to England when both 50 overs, as well as the super over, ended up in a record tie.
  • England all-rounder Liam Plunkett believes in destiny and luck after the surprise win in the world cup final.
  • Simon Taufel, a former umpire claims that England has been mistakenly and unfairly awarded the trophy of winners in the world cup
  • Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir calls ICC rules ridiculous after the ICC world cup finals

How to Play Cricket - Cricket Batting Tips

Playing cricket needs quite a few skills and a natural aptitude towards the game. Cricket is a rule-based game that depends on how is played and cannot be played by just any idiot.

The first thing to keep in mind is the object of the game ie to score more runs than your opponent has made. There are two teams in the game with 11 players in each, one bat and the other balls. The target of the bowling team is to bowl out the batting team and let them make as fewer runs as possible. Whereas the aim of the batting team is to make more and more runs in every over.

The equipment that is usually required in the game is a circular ground with around 200m circumference, a pitch that is located in between, two sets of wickets with stumps placed 22 yards apart from each other. Batsman needs to wear paddings to guard their legs, thighs, inner thighs, and chest, gloves, a box, a helmet. Players usually wear spiked shoes and white clothing. Bats are made of English willow and the bat sizes don’t vary and the ball is made of cork.



The much-awaited ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Asia Region Final, 2019 will start from 22nd of July at Singapore and the first match will be played between Qatar and Singapore.

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Best Cricket Players

in History

The list of cricketers will be longer than the history of the cricket itself. But that one cricketer that even Google calls the best of all cricketers of all times is William Gilbert Grace. He was an amateur cricketer but his contributions towards the development of the sports are remarkable. But for him, cricket would not have been the cricket that we see today.

Improve Your Batting with These Cricket Batting Tips

Cricket is not just a game of needs many bowling tip and tricks, cricket batting tips, and many other tips to play cricket.

  1. the bat should be 1 foot above the ground
  2. your shoulder and feet should move as a unit
  3. figure out your trigger movement
  4. treat your front shoulder as the steering wheel of your car
  5. you can move your feet in a way so that the ball gets the best chance to be hit
  6. do not take any ball for granted
  7. feel free to talk to the umpire if you have a doubt at any moment


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Best Cricket Games

The popularity of the game has led to the making of many cricket games. here are some of the best games on cricket that you can play on your android phone.

  1. World Cricket Championship 2
  2. Real Cricket 18
  3. Big Bash Cricket
  4. World of Cricket

A new trend in gaming is cricket slots in online casinos with casino bonus that allows you to play for real money. These games can be played for free and you don’t need any cricket batting tips to play these.


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