Cricket Popularity by Country

Cricket Popularity by Country

Soccer is the sport with the most fans in the world, with approximately 3.5 billion fans. But as unfamiliar as it sounds to us, the second most popular sport is cricket, with about 2.5 billion. This unique sport generates millions of dollars in sponsorship and has a presence in some countries in Europe, Oceania, and the bulk in Asia.

Cricket is currently played in England, Wales, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and some other British-influenced Caribbean countries.

The number of fans (2.5 billion) is concentrated in a few countries, but it makes it an attractive sport for the reach of the population. Taking as a reference the FIFA enter about 4 billion dollars every four years with the world cup, the cricket is not far away as you have budgeted to open little more than a thousand 500 million dollars in the period 2010 to 2015, by the concept of sponsorships, broadcasting rights and licensing.

Trial cricket is the longest possible form of cricket and is also considered by fanatics and cricket players as the ultimate test of a team’s playing ability. Test matches are played only between cricket teams representing their countries at the national level. The first official test match was held in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The game took place in March 1877 between Australia and London. The Sofia Gardens, located in Cardiff, Wales, became the 100th place for the cricket test in July on 8, 2009. Below you will find some of the countries with the most significant number of cricket fields.

  1. India (28)

With 28, India has the most significant number of test cricket fields in the world and hosted Test matches 261. Bombay Gymkhana, located in South Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, is known to have hosted the first cricket match in India, 15, 1933, in December. CK Nayudu was the captain during the game. The Gymkhana field used to be the primary training ground for cricket matches in Bombay and Pentangular, and now hosts cricket games in winter. The grounds include six tennis courts, three badminton courts, a fitness center, six pool tables, and a pool, five squash courts and a swimming pool.

  1. Pakistan (16)

Pakistan is the second country with the most significant number of cricket grounds. The country has motives 16 and hosted Test matches 144. Pakistan’s first test match was played on January 15, 1955, at Bahawal Stadium. The land that is known locally as the ring stadium is located in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan and has a capacity of about 15,000. The multipurpose stadium is mostly used for cricket matches and is ranked second largest stadium in Asia by area.

  1. South Africa (11)

With field 11 for the cricket test, South Africa is the third country with the largest number of cricket fields. St. George’s Park, currently known as Axxess DSL St. George, hosted the first Test match of South Africa, played in March out of 12, 1889. The country hosted test 220 games. The land at St George’s Park in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, is home to one of the country’s oldest cricket clubs, the Port Elizabeth Cricket Club. The property also houses the Eastern Province Club. The Cricket Ground of St George’s Park Hosts One Day International and the test matches played in the country. Since 2005, South Africa has hosted 21 Test matches on this field by winning eight games, losing nine and making four draws.

Testing of cricket fields in other cricket countries

There are many countries that participate in trial cricket matches, as the sport continues to gain popularity around the world. Participating in a sport means that the country must be prepared to help the players with the equipment and stadium necessary for practice. Cricket is played mainly in Asian and European countries, but the sport continues to be introduced in the rest of the world. Australia and England, with nine territories, New Zealand and Sri Lanka with eight, Bangladesh with seven, Zimbabwe and the UAE with three, Guyana, Antigua and Barbuda with two and nine other countries with one land each.

Modern Cricket

The International Cricket Council has invested heavily in the popularization of cricket worldwide. The organization has development programs aimed at the growth of national teams in Africa, Asia and the United States. The latest Cricket innovation is the twenty Cricket tournament. England and India are among the leading nations in the world of Cricket matches.


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