Popular Cricket Tournaments

Cricket is a baseball-like sport, where they play 11 vs. 11 and throw a ball to which the opposite must hit with a shovel, seeking to run to the other end and thus complete a race. This sport originated in England several hundred years ago, and by the 18th century, it was already the most popular sport in the country. Later in the colonial era, England exported its practice to the states it dominated.

Cricket has been originated in southern England. Some of the researchers have proofs that the game started to be played since the 13th century. In the beginning, the children were playing the cricket game in the field. Instead of a ball, at first, they used a stone and a simple bat with the shape of a branch. The wicket was supposed to be a tree stump or sometimes a stool made of wood. Over the years, the game continues to develop, and the tools that were used during the games also emerged. The popularity of the game begun to grow throughout the country, and then it started spreading all around the world, in so many countries.

Billionaire Leagues

In terms of revenue, I share some examples of what tournaments and cricket leagues enter a year in terms of sponsorship and television rights: The Premier League India receives about $165 million, followed by some international competitions with $68 million, the English league $66 million and Australia $57 million.

In India, the main sponsor of cricket is the financial sector, followed by telecommunications and non-alcoholic beverages. PEPSI is one of the main sponsors of the Premier League India and pays for this $14 million a year. Also, this league has the support of other companies such as Vodafone and aYes Bank. Something attractive, you will see these brands in a population of 1.2 billion people where cricket is the national sport.

In leagues such as English, Australian, and New Zealand, the main sponsors are banks, Brewers, and car manufacturers. We can find other sectors sponsoring such as the British supermarket chain Waitrose, which pays $15 million a year. In the Australian league, we see brands such as Gatorade, Toyota, KFC, Milo, Bet365, Coca Cola, and Asics, to name a few.

Here we can give you a list of the most popular cricket tournaments in the world:

  1. ICC Cricket World Cup
  2. ICC Champions Trophy
  3. T20 World cup
  4. Ashes Series
  5. Champions League Twenty20
  6. Indian Premier League
  7. NatWest series
  8. Border-Gavaskar trophy
  9. Asia Cup
  10. Commonwealth Bank series

And there are also millionaire idols

Just as in football we have a Christian Ronaldo or Lio Messi who are Cricks and millionaires, even in cricket there are significant figures who fatten up their wallet. The first example is Mahendra Singh Dhoni, An Indian player who receives revenues close to $ 23 million, thanks to his nearly 25 individual sponsorship contracts with brands such as Pepsi, Reebok, and Sony, among others. Besides, you have to add the little more than $3 million you get paid a year as a player by your team.

Another example is Sachin Tendulkar, the best batter of his generation, who has 16 sponsors such as Adidas, Coca – Cola, Castrol, and Toshiba, who pay him the delicious $16 million.


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