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Cricket Secrets Revealed

From: Ian Canaway

ECB Level 1 Coach

Dear Fellow Cricketer,

ren’t you just fed up of searching the internet for decent cricket batting and bowling tips, especially when most of the cricket tips you can find are ‘half-baked’ rubbish? Trying to find anything that will give you the edge over your opposition or help you score more runs, or to take more wickets is annoyingly hard…

Don’t you find yourself constantly annoyed by the lack of high quality information, especially when it comes to finding cricket batting and bowling tips?

Well your search is over; if you’re looking for tried and tested cricket batting and bowling tips you’ve come to the right place. You’re about to discover powerful cricket tips, tactics and techniques to explode your cricket performances…keep reading to find out how.

…If you’re a cricket fanatic like me you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your cricket. So I’ve decided to put my playing and coaching experience together to help you play better cricket. As an English Cricket Board (ECB) Level 1 cricket coach and player with over 15 years experience at various levels, I’m in a position to help you.

Like you, when I came to look for cricket tips online, I couldn’t believe there were hardly any. It was my frustration of not being able find any good cricket batting and bowling tips online that lead me to build this webpage.

I’ve used my knowledge and experience to put together the only cricket ebook on the net jammed packed with over 101 cricket batting and bowling tips and secrets …(if you can find another let me know).

Introducing…”Cricket Secrets: Revealed, Powerful Tips, Techniques and Tactics To Explode Your Cricket Performances”

Here is just a small sample of the proven cricket tips and techniques you will learn in “Cricket Secrets: Revealed”:

You’ll uncover 19 essential warm up static and dynamic stretches to take you step-by-step through a proper warm up to help you eliminate any chance of injury and enable you to run faster and bowl quicker with your new found flexibility.

You’ll learn the essentials of how and why you must cool down to reduce the possibility of injury and make sure you’re ready to perform at your best the next day without any feeling of stiffness or sore muscles.

The importance of high levels of fitness, I’ll give you an easy step-by-step training program with specific examples to get you started. Because of your increased fitness you’ll be able to bowl longer, faster and with more intensity. Your new found fitness will also help you bat for greater lengths of time without loosing concentration, enabling you to stay sharp and score more runs

We reveal innovative mental preparation, visualization and goal setting techniques to help boost your self confidence, gain respect from your team mates, opposition and achieve all your cricketing goals with ease!

Cricket Batting Secrets…

We reveal 18 step-by-step photos looking in depth at crucial cricket batting tips and techniques, helping you hit more boundaries, score more runs, and totally destroy the opposition

The optimum batting stance, to allow you to change position on the crease quickly and easily so you can play shots all around the ground!

You’ll learn the best attacking and defensive shots and which type of deliveries to play each shot to and where to hit the ball. Which means you’ll be able to increase your run scoring potential and reduce your chance of getting out by playing false strokes.

The correct body position for each shot to ensure you have a strong base and the proper technique. Which means you’ll be able to hit the ball harder and further than ever before, with less effort as you apply these simple technical modifications I’ll show you.

You’ll learn how to get in line and in position early to gain more control over the ball and score more runs allowing you to get the edge over your opposition, thanks to our new advance batting tips for batting against pace and spin bowlers we reveal.

Super-Charge Your Bowling:

I show you how to grip the ball properly to get it to move erratically off the seam and how to bowl in-swing or out-swing, which means you’ll be able to take more wickets and send your opposition batsmen back to the pavilion with their tails between their legs…for ducks!

You’ll learn the optimum grip to allow you to spin the ball and combined with powerful spinning training tips, to help you bowl ‘rippers‘ and bamboozle the opposition batsmen with the awesome turn you generate.

The difference between front-on and side-on bowling with tips to show you how to bowl each action for maximum success, so you can reduce your chance of injury by ensuring you don’t have a mixed action and can bowl faster with more accuracy

Effective Fielding Techniques…

The most efficient cricket fielding techniques for stopping, throwing and catching the ball, so that you can throw the ball further and faster and never ‘look the fool’ again by miss-fielding or by dropping a simple catch.

Instant Download

You can download “Cricket Secrets: Revealed” right now, so you can instantly start applying the information, as it comes in the PDF format so you can read it on any computer!

“Cricket Secrets: Revealed has been been read worldwide – with customers from the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Ireland, Holland, India, New Zealand and South Africa.”

Here’s what some happy customers have said about “Cricket Secrets: Revealed”…

“Hi there,

Wow have had fantastic results with the ebook thanks…I think you are providing a worthwhile performance enhancing service and I will be recommending your site to my team mates, but not the competition, no I’ll even let them in on it. I had just started to read the bonus bit about the psychology and found it fascinating. Your help has made a big difference to my game which is what counts. ”

Many thanks,

Matthew Hargreaves



“”Hi Ian, I’ve just read your Ebook, and it’s awesome!!”

Dan Kassabian,

dandama****, Australia

“Hi Ian,

…I would highly recommend this book as it contains everything a cricketer needs for skills in batting, bowling and fielding aswell as chapters on stretching, fitness and mental preparation – which is sometimes overlooked in other cricket skill manuals.”

Zak Hussain,


United Kingdom


Thanks for your help, what a great instruction manual exactly what I have been looking for.”

Peter Bryceson,

VI, Australia


Hello Ian,

I’ve enjoyed reading your book and have started to use some of the tips that has already improved my bowling. I think your book (incl. the bonus) covers most of the topics a “late starter” like me needs to know. The pictures are clear and descriptions well documented. For the price, I don’t think your book can be beaten. Well done.

– R.W.

Great book mate, fantastic read, I really like the bit about off season fitness, is helping me plan out my fitness sessions as well as my cricket training, thanks alot for the book.

If there are any other tips or books that you have got please send them on.

Well done and thanks,

– Sean Taylor

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…And have access to strategies that are simple to understand yet powerfully effective? It’s the equivalent of $0.07 cents a day (risk free), to help you play your best ever cricket…that’s less than a mini-Mars bar a day!

I’m willing to bet that you are smart enough to know when you see a great deal, and a great opportunity. You’ll never have to spend another minute wasting your time searching the internet for cricket tips again.

You really have nothing to lose…

A Few “Special Bonuses” To Make This Product Even Better!

I think you’re already beginning to realize that this is a great product at a ridiculously low price.

But…I’m still going to offer you a few useful bonuses to make the deal even sweeter! So much so that a person would have to be crazy to not take advantage of this right now

Super Bonus #1 – “Cricket Secrets: Revealed – Advanced Tactics, Powerful Lessons In The Psychology Of Winning.”

Here’s a sample of what’s inside:

You’ll discover the 11 essential leadership qualities of a successful captain and leader which you can use to boost your teams success and be a better captain.

You’ll learn the 10 major causes of failure in leadership, so you can learn to avoid them and turn potential failure into success.

The key to developing a success mindset, so you can achieve all your cricketing and life goals.

Proven tips to influence your subconscious to enhance your self confidence and self belief, which is 90% of battle in cricket!

This special report all by itself could help cure all of your psychological cricket problems and yours free as an exclusive bonus when you order today! (A value of $47)

Super Bonus #2 – “The Bowling Key Performance Indicator Sheet”

This is an awesome and simple but effective way of tracking and improving your bowling accuracy and consistency, it will help maximise your training sessions and steer you towards taking more wickets! (A value of $17).

Super Bonus #3 – “Free Life Time Updates”

That’s right when you order today you’ll receive free updates to “Cricket Secrets: Revealed” and all the bonuses every time I add them. Some companies charge $$ for updates and I hate that…So you’ll benefit on my generosity. (A value of $97)

When you get a copy of Cricket Secrets Revealed you are covered by my personal “60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee”…

Once you’ve used and shown off your remarkable new cricket skills you won’t let this ebook out of your sight – in fact you’ll be you’ll be fighting your team mates off it, as they’ll all want a copy.

But I do have to warn you…

If you want these strategies to work for you, you have to use and practice them!

I have done all I can to make these strategies as simple and as powerful as I can make them. But it would be worthless to you unless you read the book and put these strategies to work.

If you’re only looking for a quick fix that will turn you into an international cricketer overnight this is probably not for you, it doesn’t exist.

But if you’re looking to find rock solid, high quality information which you can apply to your cricket and practice straight away then definitely give this product a try.

You’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. And I’ll take all the risk so you don’t have to.

It either works for you or it’s free.

It’s that simple.

These Secrets Are Yours In Just 4 Minutes!

Your copy of my “Cricket Secrets: Revealed” ebook will be yours in less than four minutes, in fact once you’ve placed you order, your copy will be delivered instantly into your e-mail inbox.

Click the button below to download your copy of Cricket Secrets: Revealed now. So you can start using theses powerful cricket tips and strategies immediately to help you play great cricket.

This product is no longer for sale and will be made free online in due course – Update – Jan 2018


Ian Canaway

ECB Level 1 Coach

P.S. By ordering today you’ll be able to take advantage of the tried and tested cricket batting and bowling tips found in this ebook. You’ll be able to get the edge over your opposition (and team mates) and start scoring more runs and taking more wickets today.

P.P.S. Remember there’s no risk on your part. I insist on treating you the way I wish other businesses treated me. If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with your ebook, I wouldn’t dream of keeping your money. You can return it at anytime within the next 60 days for a 100% refund of the purchase price.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Go ahead and get your copy right now before I’m forced to charge a higher price.

Here’s what more happy customers had to say about Cricket Secrets: Revealed….

“Ian, I’m playing d grade for sturt, SACA it my second year of my come back to cricket, im 27. I have taken some valuable points and you can teach an old dog new tricks, cheers for the tips, keep it up.”

– Matt Vee,


“Ian, I have recently subscribed to your site i’m a keen cricket player who has made many age group representitive sides. this year i played in a selection tournament and once again made it. A lot of the improved success can be put down to your useful tips. Being captain your tips on captaining a side really helped. iIwas one of the leading wicket takers in the comp with 13 wickets and because of your helpful tips i found myself having a very succesful tourney. thank you very much have a great xmas and happy new year….”

– Victor Davis

“Very-good, makes you think about cricket-sometimes simple things -just needs to revisit them.Very informative!!”


De Vries Basson

“Hi Ian

Your advise is superb. Thank you for all your information. ”


Charlie Tu’u

“Hi Ian

I am very happy that I decided to sign up to your service. My all round game has improved markedly and I feel a lot more confident in several particular areas of my game…

…I decided it was necessary to pass on your advice and now my friend (also named Alex) admits to benefitting from your advice and we both have netted on a regular basis over the summer and have discussed your tips and put them into practice.

Thank you again and I look forward to the next set of tips.

– Alex Davis

“Dear Sir,

I am really very thankful to you that you helped me alot in improving my cricket.It really helped me in recognizing my real potential… ”

Your Student,

Fahad Sohail

“Thank you very much – sorry for being a pest!I have told all of my family and friends of this wonderful and spectacular site. I wish the best for the site in the future. Your honesty of sending the tips is very much appreciated. Compared with other sites, who have absolutely conned me in the past, your site stands above the rest and actually gave me a reply!!!”

– Sunny

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