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Wicket Keeping Tips

From: Ian Canaway

Owner: CricketSecrets.com

Dear Friend,

The Wicket-Keeper is arguably the most under-appreciated player on the field. A brilliant piece of fielding is usually praised when it occurs in the outfield, but simply expected behind the wickets.

So why is it that we all want to be wicket-keepers?

Learn How to Wicket Keep Like A Pro!

The answer is simple: The wicket-keeper is involved in every ball of the match and therefore has the ability to change the game through one moment of brilliance.

In the recent past, there has been a shift from choosing a specialist wicket-keeper who can bat, to choosing a specialist batsman who can keep wicket. This has been due to the fact that, to date, many of these make-shift wicket-keepers have been able to slip through the innings unnoticed by spending as much time standing back as possible.

Sadly, the value that a specialist wicket-keeper can add to a team is often heavily underestimated, and selectors who don’t understand the art sometimes undervalue the effect that one moment of brilliance

behind the wickets can have on the outcome of a match.

This selection mentality has arguably resulted in a shortage of craftsman behind the wickets, and a larger pool of average wicket-keepers who excel with the bat in hand. It’s time to change that!

Introducing the “Wicket Keeping Tips” eBook…

To help you become a master wicket keeper, get selected every match and force your team mates and coaches to value your skills, I want to introduce you to wicket keeping pro Nicholas Northcote. Nic has some valuable tips for you, so read carefully what he has to say…

Learn How to Dominate Behind the Stumps

My name is Nicholas Northcote. I am an International (Associate) and First Class wicket-keeper. Besides spending hours on the field, I have coached countless young wicket-keepers. When I realised that there is simply no good wicket-keeping coaching material available out there, I decided to develop this book.

It is the only specialist wicket-keeping book on the market and is a comprehensive reference for all coaches and aspiring wicket-keeping geniuses!

Unlike other top coaches who focus on the more general aspects of cricket coaching, I am able to share specialist wicket-keeping information and knowledge. Knowledge that other generalist coaches simply don’t have!

This book will help turn you into the ultimate craftsman behind the stumps!

What will you learn?

Take Brilliant Catches!

How to take awesome catches consistently – two-handed, one-handed, diving and rolling!

The correct catching techniques in order to ensure that you avoid injuries.

How to position the slips next to you for optimal efficiency – for any type of bowler or pitch.

The basics of standing back, as well as the more advanced elements of  footwork which will enable you to move to the ball effectively when keeping to both fast and slow bowlers.

How to handle balls bouncing on an uncomfortable length in front of you –  we all hate those!

How to stand up to the wickets and take lightning quick stumpings! You’ll learn how to dismiss the batsman even if he only lifts his foot for a fraction of a second.

How to take leg side stumpings off pace or slow bowlers.

Effectively rising with the ball on bouncy pitches.

You will learn about the 7m circle, throwing at the wickets and remaining tidy behind the stumps so that you don’t give away even a single bye in a whole innings.

You will learn the correct wicket-keeper throwing techniques that can bring your team extra wickets.

Different techniques used to take the fielders throw and create that extra fraction of a second needed to run the batsman out.

Find Fun Drills To Enhance Your Wicket Keeping Skills

Tons of fun practise drills to improve every single one of your skills!

You will learn about the physiology of wicket-keeping – including fitness,  strength and flexibility, warm up and cool down, injuries, and nutrition.

I’ve even included a section on wicket-keeping psychology and I’ll teach  you all there is to know about motivation, arousal, concentration,  confidence, nervousness, fear and visualisation.

How to sledge (ethically!) in order to break down the batsman’s  concentration, self-believe and confidence.

What you need to do to stay mentally tough and alert when standing in the field for many overs and sometimes in very hot conditions.

How much is this all worth to you?

Back when I was starting out trying different things and still developing my wicket-keeping I would have gladly paid $1000 dollars to know what I know now. I think I would even go as high as $2000 if it meant that I could save plenty of seasons getting things right with trial and error.

How about you? How much is this worth to you? What is the value of having all the knowledge of how to take leg side stumpings and how to use the correct techniques to be able to concentrate for every ball of a long game? What is it worth to know wicket-keeping tips and techniques that no other wicket-keeper in your club or league knows?

Personal cricket coaching can be expensive. Let’s say you get a cricket coach that charges you $30 per hour for one on one coaching (some ask more than that). And let’s say it takes you 20 hours to work through the tips and techniques just once. That is already $600 worth of coaching!

But the good news is that you do not have to pay $600 for all these tips and techniques. Your price is only $57.95$37 when you order today.

“I Recommend it to Any Keeper Serious about Wanting to Master the Art.”

“Wicketkeeping is a tough job; risking your teeth and bruising your hands on a regular basis. Nic’s ebook makes everything much easier by giving comprehensive tips on technique, drills and all the all important mental side of the game. I recommend it to any keeper serious about wanting to master the art.”

– David Hinchliffe, Director of Coaching at Pitchvision Academy, www.pitchvision.com

Now you know what you need to do to become a well-rounded top class wicket-keeper. It’s time to act!

So what is included?

  • The complete eBook (over 15 000 words, 2MB, PDF)
  • Over 75 colour photographs and figures explaining how to use the tips and techniques described (what to do and what not to do)
  • Available as an instant download

FREE Bonuses!

The book is already a fantastic deal on its own, saving you thousands in hiring a specialised coach. However, I have thrown in a few FREE extras.

Bonus #1: Free Lifetime Updates

I regularly update Wicket-Keeping Tips to make sure that the information is relative and up to date. For example I will soon be adding video and audio material. You will receive all these updates for FREE!

Bonus #2: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I will let you try the tips and techniques in my book risk-free for 60 days! Every purchase comes with a cast iron 60-day 100% money back guarantee

If you are not happy with the product, for whatever reason, simply let me know and I will refund your money. Here’s my promise to you:

Download your copy of Wicket Keeping Tips today and you’ll learn the wicket keeping strategies used by top professionals. And remember there is absolutely no risk in trying out Wicket-Keeping Tips – you get the 60 day money back guarantee and free updates for life!

* Over 15 000 words, 2MB

* Over 75 colour photographs and figures

Click the button below to download your copy of Wicket Keeping Tips instantly. In two minutes from now you’ll have the knowledge at your finger tips be the hero behind the stumps for your team…

I wish you the best of luck and many catches and stumpings.

Nicholas Northcote

Wicket-Keeper, International (Associate) and First-Class Cricketer

PS: Remember there is no risk in trying Wicket-Keeping Tips as it comes with a 60-day 100% money back guarantee

PPS: By ordering today you will see all the tips and techniques used by the wicket keeping masters! Including the wicket keeper techniques such as standing up, standing back, correct fielding techniques, slip positioning, mental toughness, the 7m circle, dive and roll catches, one handed catches, how to handle uncomfortable bounce, do lightning quick stumpings and get inside the head of the batsman.

Get your copy now!

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