Spin Bowling Tips

From: Ian Canaway

Learn How to Become a Master Spin Bowler


Introducing ‘Spin Bowling Tips’, the only specialist guide which focuses on the science and art of spin bowling – and how to master it. The ebook itself it 130 pages long and wonderfully illustrated with over 100 colour photographs and figures to show you exactly what you need to do to become a well rounded (and respected) top-class spin bowler.

It aims to teach you how to master all the core deliveries and variations every spin bowler should know. For example the 5 leg spin and the 6 off spin variations (and the more subtle variants).

Here is a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • The most important skill in spin bowling – and why your mates will envy you for it.
  • How to bowl the doosra, flipper and googly, like the all time greats Warne, Kumble and Musaq.
  • How to get the ball to drift in the air using the Magnus Effect to take more wickets every match.
  • Little-known tactics to use against different types of batsman and in different match situations.
  • 16 tried and tested drills to practice and re-inforce your new found tips and techniques for maximum results.
  • And a whole lot more…

In addition you also get:

  1. A Fitness, Strength and Conditioning Guide (focussed on Spin Bowlers)
  2. Field Placement Notes (for different match situations)
  3. Author Interview MP3

Spin Bowling Tips will allow you to fast track your spin bowling career by empowering you with the tips and techniques used by only the most experienced and battle hardened spin bowlers. It will teach you how to confuse and baffle almost any batsman. It is recommended for any spin bowler who wants to get ahead of the game and be recognised for their mastery of the craft.


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  2. Free updates for 6 months

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