The Young Cricketer’s Tutor

Introducing, John Nyren’s Young Cricketer’s Tutor. Uncovered in a forgotten corner of a historic bookshop in Ross-on-Wye, this 1892 edition of The Young Cricketer’s Tutor has been painstakingly digitalised and updated for the modern reader. The game’s timeless secrets and early history are now available to today’s cricketer lovers in this authoritative and comprehensive guide.

The Tutor allows cricket enthusiasts to learn about the early characters and heroes of cricket along with key developments in the rules of the game which have made the sport what it is today. The book also provides an invaluable collection of some of the earliest known cricket tips and coaching advice. It reveals the fundamental principles of the game that have endured through its illustrious history.

Today’s cricketers will gain access to the batting, bowling and fielding secrets that defined the careers of cricketing legends such as John Small and David Harris. The incorporation of this advice into the repertoire of today’s players will enrich and improve their play and re-affirm the forgotten principles of cricket.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find inside the Young Cricketer’s Tutor:

  • Learn the true story about the ‘big bat’ incident which caused a change in the laws of cricket and led to ‘a total revolution’ in the game;
  • Read the story of the transformation of two unknown farmers from ‘unadulterated rustics’ into ‘most admirable batters’;
  • Discover the circumstances behind the change from two stumps to three in 1775;
  • Find out the most valuable qualities in a fielder;
  • The one rule of bowling which pursued by all the finest bowlers;
  • Learn the little-known technique of how to part two well set batsmen;
  • Why young batsmen shouldn’t try and hit the ball too hard;
  • The most effective method for holding the ball when bowling so that it is released from your hand with ease;
  • The best two ways to play a ball dropped short of a length at the off-side of a wicket; and
  • Learn the most effective bowling techniques for slow and fast paced bowlers.

Nyren’s Tutor succeeds in retaining its relevance and readability even today, and continues to stand as one of the most comprehensive cricketing manuals available.

The intriguing first hand insight into the characters of the most esteemed players, the atmosphere of the great matches, and little known cricketing anecdotes give the book a unique slant on the game; one that followers and players of the sport will doubtless cherish.

The Young Cricketer’s Tutor is an essential addition to your library.

Price  – $9.99 (pre-tax)